Online advertising and retargetting with AdRoll

Earlier this year I attended DMexco in Cologne and there I ran in to Adam burke. He is the president CMO and a members of the founding team of a company called AdRoll. I have been talking about retargeting and Facebook advertising on this blog several times (and in my Frankwatching Podcast) so most readers/listeners know I am a fan of retargeting. AdRoll is an easy to use advertising dashboard / platform that enables you to benefit from retargeting campaigns on over 500 platforms including Facebook and Google.

“If you have a limited marketing budget (as most marketers do) it’s much more effective to cherry-pick the best performing ad units from across platforms then having them be siloed in those platforms because then you’ll be getting the good with the bad. We can perform better optimisation for a limited budget”

You will find some more info about this conversation later on this page. 

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